The Avocado That Started It All

March 1, 2022
Very expensive avocados
These are the avocados which inspired me to create Inflation Go Boom. They cost $4.79 each.
Where Did You Find Them?
These precious avocados were sold at a Japanese grocery store called Uwajimaya near downtown Seattle. The photo was taken on 28 September, 2021.
Where These Special Avocados?
No, they were regular Hass avocados. They did seem a little larger than normal, but definitely nothing out of the ordinary.
Why Did They Cost So Much?
I have no idea.
Did You Buy Any?
DidAnyone Else Buy Any?
I did see a couple people hovering around the avocados. This is Seattle, so it's possible that people think this is a normal price for a single avocado.
Do You Think We'll See $5 Avocados Soon?
I think it's inevitable that wel'll see $4.99 avocados in 2022. But $5 is a pretty big psychological barrier. It might be a while before we cross that line.